The client brief for this series of shots was to create a stylistic scene with a couple of different shoe styles.

Two hero versions were required, the first where the shoes were floating just above the pavement to depict the lightness of the shoes and a second banner version of the shots that required the shoes to appear grounded.


The shoes were shot in our photography studios to the angle required and set out in the client agreed concepts.
Post-shooting, the images were deep etched, colour managed and combined together. Shadows were then mixed with smoke and highlight effects before dropping in the ideal metro-scape backgrounds.

After post-production, the final images achieved the exact look and feel the client was angling for in the concepts.
A successful metro scene just after a rain shower that included wet pavement, atmosphere, lighting and steam effects to brings out the drama in the colour of the shoes.

Asics Kayano Photography and Pre-media