Welcome to the World of Enforceable Undertakings.

So, you’ve been hit with an Enforceable Undertaking
What now?

Sometimes, despite your best effort or intentions, your organisation ends up on the wrong side of Australian Law. To address this, you may choose to commit to a legally-binding agreement to carry out activities that benefit your workplace, industry or the community. But Enforceable Undertakings can be easier said than done. Without a proper strategy, the result is a lot of money invested and very little result.
Meeting your obligations involves lots of steps. You need to develop a proposal that passes muster with your state’s workplace health and safety organisations. Then there’s communicating a message that creates cultural change in your organisation. It often also needs a community and industry awareness campaign.
Creating something with impact can be challenging. Chances are, you’re not usually in the business of creating safety campaigns. You may not know how to speak to your various audiences or even the best way to reach them.

That’s where we can help.

To learn more about how we can support your next campaign, call us today to talk to a consultant in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

Who are we?

We are a Sydney-based integrated communications agency. We use a number of approaches, including public relations, journalism and crisis communications, to develop a meaningful campaign to make sure your Enforceable Undertaking is not just spending money for the sake of spending money. From there, we then create compelling articles, blogs, videos, brochures and other materials, using language that speaks to your audience. Then, we make sure they see it with the use of social media and other digital and printed tools. Simply put, we’re your guide for communicating your Enforceable Undertaking message.

What’s next?

Don’t waste your time and money presenting awareness ideas that don’t make the grade. We can work with you and your legal representatives to develop a proposal using research and insights, a good understanding of your target audience, and our experience in developing campaigns that fit what your state’s workplace health and safety bodies are looking for. We can work with you to create messages that improve safety practices for your employees in the long-term, as well as raise awareness in your industry and the wider community.

We will:

1. Conduct research into your EU topic, your audiences, and most effective channels

2. Develop proposal for internal, industry and community awareness campaign

3. Present to your state’s health and safety body with you or provide your presentation

4. Revise campaign as needed to get approval

5. Work with you to execute the campaign

6. Implement safety campaign materials with employees for ongoing safety awareness

Why we’re the right choice

One agency to manage all elements of a campaign

PR, crisis communications, social media channels, content generation and marketing, digital, print, strategy and design. Everything you need to create Enforceable Undertakings that get results.

We know that measurement is important

Measurement is an essential part of our approach to Enforceable Undertakings. You need to know that your investment is having an effect. To do this, we use a four-pronged strategy to measure your campaign and make adjustments as we go, ensuring it’s as successful as possible.



Place content where the audience can see it



The audience uses, reacts to or shares the content



There’s a change in the way the audience thinks or acts



We use the right metrics to measure results